A Plus schools Fix the Country protesters, claim they had no plan before going into their demonstration


Kwame A Plus has revealed the reason he failed to join Youths who participated in the recently held Fix The Country demonstration.

On August 4th, Hundreds of Ghanaians hit the streets in the Country’s capital airing their displeasure towards the sad happenings in the country.

Many if this protesters pull out placards questioning the entire leadership of Ghana and cry out loud asking for the return of the Late Kwame Nkrumah who’s efforts gained the west African country independence.

But according to A Plus, this is not the time that citizens will just stand up and hit the street but instead they should sit down and have a clear plan on what exactly they wanted.

Speaking on United Television, He also alleges lot’s of people stood up and joined the demo simply because people are going so let’s follow them and not because they have a specific reason to participate in it.


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