Afia Pokuaa’s Vim Foundation visits the North to provide desks for schools under trees


Media Personality Afia Pokuaa known popularly as Vim Lady has taken a giant step towards her advocacy to support schools struggling in the country.

The Radio host earlier announced her foundation dubbed ‘Vim Foundation’ is targeting schools under trees in the Northern sector with attempts to provide them furnitures to ease the struggles.

As part of plans to fulfill her ambition, Afia Pokuaa visited the Yoriyie basic school in the Sawla Tuna Kalba District to provide desks for them.

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During her visit the journalist echoed that there’s no need to stay in the capital city and be ranting about Fixing Ghana and her part she can play as a citizen is to hit the grounds and identify the problems.

“We just don’t sit in Accra.
We go to where the need is and we help.
That is how we all can help FIX GHANA while chasing our leaders to do the needful.” She stated

She also advised others to take the same step and put inn some efforts to help the struggling ones within their vicinity.

“Vim Foundation providing desks in Northen and Savannah regions for Schools Under Trees.
This is Yoriyire in the Sawla Tuna Kalba District.
I’m just doing my bit. You can do same from your hometown or village near you.” She concluded

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