All you need to Know about The “Tornametor Woezor Foundation” and their new project aimed at Providing Shelter for school pupils


The Tornametor Woezor Foundation is a Ghanaian based non-profitable organization which seeks to promote youth participation in impact projects, internship, volunteering, cultural tourism, promoting health through mobile clinic, promoting education through mobile library as well as classroom blocks/library constructions, public education on climate change, exchange of culture in Africa and among others.

Oops Sorry you Ain’t familiar with the Ewe language so you probably couldn’t read meanings into the organizations name. The title “Tornametor Woezor was coined from a Local language belonging to the Ewe Tribe in Ghana which translates in English “Our Helper, You are Welcome”.

The foundation is committed to addressing issues relating to poverty among disadvantaged households in slums and rural villages in the West African country, through Education and access to health at various Schools, Resource Centers, Home for Children and Hospitals and Clinics.

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Interestingly, their team is made up of strong and energetic young people of diverse professions such as teachers, health workers among others. Some of their programs also seek to promoting students exchange volunteering, travel experience at a very low cost and sometimes free of charge.

Some Members of the Tornametor Woezor Foundation

Currently, The foundation is on a strong mission dubbed “Shelter for the school Child” a program dedicated to building safe and secure school buildings for schools struggling for Shelter.

One of the beneficiaries of this program is the Emli-Baze Primary School located under the Afadjato South District in the Volta Region of Ghana which is completely not in any good state at the moment.

The sad condition under which this students access education you view above has touched the Organization to construct a 3 Unit Classroom block for them.

And you know what that means? They need funds to make this possible.

Checkout the flyer for their new Project and support them in any possible way.

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