Best Halloween movies on Netflix


Best Halloween movies on Netflix I’m pretty sure is one of the questions you also ask yourself when you are bored at home and trying to get the very best of entertainment for yourself.

Netflix has become arguably the leading platform in terms of streaming service that offers a wide variety of multiple award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries.

Despite the fact that every movie you come across on Netflix is a blockbuster on it’s own, there surely will be the best out of the rest, so Relax yourself, Take a chill drink, cross your legs like a boss in his multimillion dollar mansion as we bring to you some of the Most interesting and Best Halloween Movies on Netflix that you can watch anytime.

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There’s Someone Inside your House

As the title already states, this is one of the movies available on Netflix that when you are watching, you feel there’s someone right beside you even when in reality you are alone, it is one that is full of murder from the beginning to the end.

Army Of the Dead

Army of the Dead is one if the movies on Netflix that you just can’t ignore if you happen to be a fan of Halloween. It was Zack Snyder’s first Zombie movie since the remake of ‘Dawn Of the Dead’ in 2004.

Hubie Halloween

There are times you just have to watch a movie and Tickle your funny bone and of course Hubie Halloween is one of those movies. And you don’t need to guess the brain behind this bone tickling type of movies, It’s surely no other person than American Comedian Adam Samdler who made a return to doing what he does best.

Hubie Halloween was released back in 2020 as part of the deals Adam Sandler strike with Netflix.

House of the Witch

Ever want to get into a one on one encounter with a witch ? Ohh and it’s even at night? Just imagine how scary such monste will be for you, this was the situation of A group of teenagers who heads to an abandoned house to party on Halloween night, then find themselves trapped by a witch who wants to kill them all.

Bird Box

Bird Box is also undoubtedly one of the Halloween like movies available on Netflix that you will enjoy to the fullest.

It’s all about a Twisted tale following a woman called Sandra Bullock who was also trying everything possible to resist attack and save herself alongside her children from a spirit that will in some way force you to eliminate your life. This movie is described by many as one of the disturbing you will find on Netflix.

Sinister 1

The very First season of The Netflix movie Sinister was released in 2012 with the influence of Washed up true crime Writer Ellison Oswalt. In this movie, Ethan Hawke found out that a murder he’s currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose work dates back as far as to the 1960s.

Sister 2

Sinister was too good to ignore that, Sinister 2 was released and this time a young mother who gave birth to twins move into a rural house that’s marked for death.

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