Casey Nezhoda Biography and Net Worth


Casey Nezhoda is a popular American Television personality born on September 6, 1974 at San Diego in California.

Early Life and Family 

Though Casey is a TV star, she kept her family and educational background away from the public. Every attempt to know her parents, siblings and educational background do not yield any good result since the star is never ready to disclose these informations to anyone.

Casey Nezhoda Religion 

Casey Nezhoda is a proud Christian who is unapologetic about her faith. In her everyday life, she always acknowledge God and his great things done to her. She never hesitate to express her Christian faith and use her social media channels to share her beliefs with others. She’s a strong mother who raised her daughter in the Christian faith.

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Casey Nezhoda Relationship 

Casey got married to Rene Nezhoda in a private marriage ceremony. The marriage news was warmly received by the media and the public at a whole. Casey and Rene appeared in the season 4 and 5 of Storage Wars. Rene was best known for his signature German accent and perfect bargaining skills and he is an expect in secondhand sakes in addition to his amiable attitude helped him won the hearts of many audience.

The union between Rene and Casey was blessed with a daughter named Tatiana. She was born in 2006. Tatiana once appeared together with her parents in one of the episodes of Storage of Wars. The family happily live together. Rene is a supportive husband and father.

Rene and Casey Nezhoda has run a 700-foot thrift store located at San Diego. The name of the outlet they managed is Bargain Hunters Thrift which was very popular in that part of the world.

Casey and her husband Rene gained ground in the A&E network reality TV series called Storage Wars. Their first appearance was in the fourth season of Storage Wars called Bargain Hunters in 2013. At their first appearance, they were just recurring cast members but later became the main cast for the fifth season after their splendid debut in the show. They were in the show from 2013 to 2016 and left the show after the end of season 5.

Casey tried to get into the American TV industry through ABC’s Celebrity Storage. Unfortunately for her, she had unsuccessful audition since the farthest she got on the show was the top five out of 200 other competitors.

Before her career as a reality TV star, she worked as a baby sitter. Currently, Casey and Rene are proud parents to Tatiana whom they hope will inherit their good business genes and continue with the family thrift business in the near future.

Casey Nezhoda has a very tantalizing shape which was noticed by everyone that met her. The reality TV Star stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and a bidy weight of 67kg. Her bust is 40 inches and her waist is 26 inches in Addison to a 37 inches hips.

Casey Nezhoda Net Worth 

Casey Nezhoda as a TV reality star and a businesswoman, she was able to earn some income to herself. She has an estimated net worth of over $1.6 million.


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