Does Boity Thulo have siblings?

Boity Thulo is a renowned South African actress, television presenter, model and a musician who has made several impacts in her respective fields.

Boity was born on April 28, 1990 And quickly built herself as one of the finest Television presenter South Africa can boast of.

She enjoyed a very close relationship with her mother Modiehi Thulo who stick by her throughout to become whom she is today.

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Boity on Countless occasions flaunt her mother via her Instagram handle to show the world just how much Mother and Daughter love exists between them.

Does Boity Thulo have siblings?


Finding themselves in a very tough situation those days both financially and battles of several breakups, Boity’s parents couldn’t risk bringing a second child.

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This means Boity Thulo has no siblings as she is the only child to her parents. Even that she went through many struggles since her mother doesn’t have the financial strength to see her through her education.

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