Drake Net Worth How much is Drake Worth in 2022 ?


Drake Net Worth = $200 million

How Much is Drake Worth?

Drake has successfully made a name for himself on the list of richest musicians out there in the world, thanks to his ability to stay away from numerous controversies and dropping back to back hit songs that helped him gain all the necessary attention he deserves.

Considered as arguably the best Rapper available currently judging by his achievements, It is a clear statement that he is one of the highest paid Entertainers in the world.

Drake’s Salary

Since Drake broke into the limelight, he earned not less than $430 million throughout his career so far when taxes and lifestyle costs are exempted. In 2017 alone, Drake earned for himself a total of $95 million. While grabbing $75million between between June 2018 and June 2019.

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Currently, Drake has a Salary range of $70 million per year but let’s take a deep breakdown into his earnings between the years of 2010 and 2020..

2010 – $10 million

2011 – $11 million

2012 – $21 million

2013 – $11 million

2014 – $33 million

2015 – $40 million

2016 – $40 million

2017 – $95 million

2018 – $47 million

2019 – $75 million

2020 – $50 million

In Total, Drake Net Worth is estimated to be $200 million as of 2022

Who is Drake?

Drake is a renowned Canadian Rapper and Actor born on October 24th 1986 with the birth name Aubrey Drake Graham in Toronto to Denis, a drummer and Sandra a determined woman who is an English.

When you have a father who is a drummer, you already know there’s some kind of Music blood in your veins and there’s no need wondering how Drake became so influential in music, he understood the basics of music right from birth.

Before his emergence as a Rap superstar today, Drake actually started his career as a child actor, appearing in the Canadian teen drama show titled The Next Generation.

In the drama show, Drake was assigned the role of Jimmy Brooks, a basketball icon who was unfortunately disabled by his classmate in a gun shot.

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Music Career

Drake’s journey to becoming a Rap monster begun in 2005, thanks to the inspirations he took from Legendary Rapper, Jay Z . He released his first mixtape dubbed “Room For Improvement” and made it available for steaming via his website and official MySpace page and went on to sell more than 6,000 copies directly.

It was at this point that Drake realized he has been slept on his talent all this while and followed it up with a second Mixtape “Come Back Season” just a year later.

The name Drake begun to make waves in the music scene, attracting interest from many record labels including Young Money Entertainment after Lil Wayne personally invited him to fly to Houston and join his Tha Carter II tour.


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