Faye Chrisley Bio, age,height and net worth


Nanny Faye Chrisley is a celebrated American television reality star and a real estate investor born on September 2, 1943 at South Carolina in the United States of America. She was raised up alongside her sister Francisca in a farm in South Carolina.

Educational background

Since education is one of the topmost priority of everyone who dreams of being a TV personality, Faye is not far from it. She attended her high education at a local high school. Having completed high school with good grades, she got the opportunity to study in a renowned public research university where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

Faye Chrisley Career

Much of the public information about Faye’s career revolves about her role on Chrisley Knows Best. The show was first aired in March 2014 and it revolves around Todd and his wife including their five children. Todd is widely tagged as someone who is unreasonable, controlling and really irritated by the the of his family members.

The first three seasons of the show was recorded in Alpharetta and Roswell. After the completion of the first three seasons, the production was then shifted to Nashville. The original series have three other spin- offs, they include Chrisley Confessions, Growing Up Chrisley and What’s Cooking With Julie Chrisley.

Faye has been featured in all the nine series since the shows premiere. She usually voice her alternatives and provides nuggets of wisdom to her son and grandchildren. She is an integral part of the fascinating family dynamic that keeps the show moving. Her age also contribute significantly to the show as it makes her one of the voices of reason on the show.

Marital status

Faye got married to the late Gene Chrisley who was a war veteran that fought in the Korean War. Faye and Gene gave birth to three wonderful children. These children of Faye and Gene are Todd Chrisley, Randy Chrisley and the late Derrick Chrisley. In July 2012, Faye was hit with the most tragic news of her life. Her husband passed on.

While the season four of the Chrisley Knows Best is ongoing, the television star has a cancer scare. She was found with lumps and upon medical testing, it turned out non-cancerous. The rest of the actors were greatly concerned since July when one of the actors had a long battle with cancer. During the time Faye’s result came back negative, the family was still quite difficult.

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Faye Chrisley Height

Faye is 5 feet 6 inches tall lady and weighs at 65kg. Her body measurements are; 36-27-38.

Faye Chrisley Net worth

The reality tv star has her primary income from the tv series. Her estimated net worth is over 1 million.


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