How old was Holly Madison when she dated Hugh Hefner?


Holly Madison is an American model and television personality who’s fame is attributed to her appearance in the E! reality television show titled The Girls Next Door.

After making a name for herself as one of the brightest actresses out there, she made another interesting appearance in her own series, Holly’s World.

She is however also know well for her relationship with Popular Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner but there has always been debates about whether they were married before or not.

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Was Holly Madison married to Hugh Hefner?


Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner had a romantic relationship but their affair was not even close to making it an official marriage.

In short, Holly Madison was never married to Hugh Hefner.

How old was Holly Madison when she dated Hugh Hefner?


Holly Madison started dating Hugh in the early months of 2001 and as of that time, she was 21 years of age.


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