How To get yourself in good shape to Perform Longer In Bed Without Using Enhancement Products


One of the major things affecting most people in their relationships is their sex life. Married women are cheating on their husbands for poor performance in bed.

Married men are cheating on their wives because they are no longer “tight” as they were before marriage.

One thing most women often do is, they focus so much on what their skin looks like than what their honeypots tastes like.

The men on the other side are more focused on “getting” that sexy- looking girl instead of wondering if they can perform in bed.

Below are some tips for men and women to have the best intimate moments of their life.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry – when you finally meet the girl of your dreams, don’t be in a hurry to take her to bed. Take your time to talk, get to know her, find out what turns her on instead of asking lame questions. But before you get to that part, you should have already cleared the way by winning her trust. The main reason you must know what turns your partner on is for you both to have a real feel of each other. S*x is only enjoyable if both parties are in the mood. Ouch just imagine hitting hard with all the strengths and she isn’t making a single sign of Enjoyment? She simply Ain’t turned on and trust me you will pull it out so quick if she remains under you looking like a toy machine you can’t operate.
  2. What you take in as a woman or a man contributes greatly to your performance in bed. Most women complain of stench from their honeypots. As a woman, you should limit the amount of spicy foods and sugary foods you take. Make it a point to add a lot of fruits especially pineapple to your diets. If you are not allergic to honey, you can drip a little on the pineapple before taking it. This gives your vag1na a natural balance in the PH system.
  3. Stop using chemicals to wash down there and use only water. You can cut lemon into two and gently apply it on the outer later of your Vag1na. This removes the unpleasant scents from your honeypot.
  4. As a man, make sure you reduce your alcohol intake. Its fun to go out on weekends to chill with the “boys boys” but include some fruits in your diet to make your sperm smell and look as natural as it should. ( which is whitish and odourless). You don’t want your sperm to smell like beer when your woman decides to go down on you.
  5. Finally, as a man, reduce the number of times you masturbate, it makes your manhood weak. Change your boxers on daily basis. Shave often and keep your balls clean at all times. As a woman too, stop inserting too many things inside your honeypot. Enough of the toys! Get one man and stick to him.

NB: Most importantly of all, go for appointments to check your reproductive health. Use protection if you are unsure of the person you are sleeping with. This prevents you from getting infected with STDs.

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