How to Steal a Goat : Must know Tactical Steps involved


How to Steal a Goat may isn’t just some little action that you would want to play with as one has to do everything possible to be successful and avoid being caught or the Goats running away which will result to a failed mission.

This Actually involves various steps for a successful operation and our pieces of write up is going to detail some interesting steps you should consider using.

1. Use of a tranquillizer gun

The Use of a Tranquilizer gun is one of the ways you can go in a successful Goat Stealing Operation and not get caught in the Act.

How to Use it: Get to a location where Goats are grazing, Shoot the Tranquilizer gun at your targeted goat, Note that You must not miss your target as this is capable of making all of them Run Away. Once you Successfully shot your targeted Goat, it Makes it Fall asleep Slowly, now you can now swiftly move and Pick Your Goat and leave the scene Immediately.

How to Steal a Goat
Goats Grazing

2. By using a car

Another interesting and easy way of How to Steal a Goat is using a Car, While many believed this method is much more simple than using a Tranquilizer, it’s also very Tricky.

First of all, Try to Identify the very type of Grass or Food that Goats like to consume, Carry few of that Grass to a location where goats are grazing, Open one Side of your Car door and leave the Grass inside while you stand at not much a far distance watching.

The Goat in an attempt to feed on the Said grass will move gently into your car itself, you can now swiftly move towards your car and shut the gate then catch it. Remember this method will make the Goat Scream when you catch it, so you have to cover it’s mouth and leave the scene immediately.

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3. Use a dress to disguise

One of the most difficult things about Stealing a Goat is how to get to your destination with it safely, In fact if you are using a major road where you could be a suspect this method will be good for you.

Get a female dress and dress the Goat very well, it will disguise your stolen goat like a woman you are traveling with and there will be no much suspicions about your act.

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