“I will still shut mouths up” – Cristiano Ronaldo fires back at critics ahead of Liverpool Showdown


Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has fired back at his critics who have been pointing accusing fingers at him recently.

Ronaldo is One of the most admired player in the world but has also faced so much criticism throughout his entire playing career.

The most thing he has been facing accusations of is not helping his team enough in terms of defending despite being a goal machine.

But in response, Ronaldo made things clear to critics he isn’t worried at all about the criticisms because he knows when his team needs him on defensive duty.

He then fired that his main duty is to score goals and win things which he has done throughout his career snd still doing even at age 36.

“I know when the team needs my help defensively. But my role in the club is to win, help the team to win and to score goals – [the defensive side] is part of my job.

“The people who don’t want to see that is because they don’t like me but to be honest I’m 36, I win everything so am I going to be worried about the people who say bad things about me?

“I sleep good at night. I go to my bed with my conscience very good. Keep going with that because I will still close mouths and win things.” He stated

The Manchester United Forward also admits criticisms are part if the game which he sees as a good thing.

He also believes if people are worried about him then that is a clear statement that they know his potential and value.

“Criticism is part of the business. I’m not worried about that. And I see it as a good thing, to be honest. If they worry about me or they speak about me, it’s because they know my potential and value in football still.” He said

Meanwhile The 5 time Ballon D’Or winner is set to have a taste of another intense rivalry game against Liverpool since his return to Manchester.


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