Is Ayraa Starr a Nigerian?

Is Ayraa Starr a Nigerian? I am pretty sure you are one of the millions that have been asking this question themselves.

Born Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, Ayraa Starr is a popular singer and Songwriter but then there has always been debates over which Country exactly she hails from.

Many cannot establish whether she is a Nigerian or not with the fact that she wasn’t born in Nigeria but rather a neighboring West African country.

Ayraa was actually born in the city of Cotonou, a large port city on the south coast of Benin on the 14th day of June 2002.

The underlying factor to consider here when talking about Ayraa’s origin is that her parents are all Nigerians and only found themselves in Benin due to her father’s business Movements.

Now here is where you ask yourself which country one should be tag as his or her origin, whether it is where she was born and raised or where her parents hailed from.

And now if we should go back to your question ‘ Is Ayraa Sarr a Nigerian?’ The answer is clearly Yes she is a Nigerian.

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