Is Hushpuppi alive?


The Question that is fast growing on the lips of everyone has to do with the status of Embattled Nigerian Big Boy Hushpuppi who’s name is gradually fading out of the media since his arrest.

Once upon a time, if you are ask to pick five Nigerian young rich niggas to roll out out with, there’s one particular person you can’t skip his name from your list no matter your differences with him

His name? Ramon Abbas known worldwide as Hushpuppi.

From Luxurious cars to Flying in Private jets, traveling around the world for fun and living all the good lives everyone born on earth will dream of, Hushpuppi has seen it all and gain massive recognition as one of the young Rich guys out there who can go toe to toe with high profile personalities including Billionaires.

However the Glamorous and Expensive style of Living has raised questions over what exactly is Hushpuppi’s source of Income with Speculations growing each and Everyday about an alleged involvement of Fraudulent acts also termed as Scamming.

Hushpuppi did not speak on his source of income, having already established different businesses in different sectors which he uses as a cover up for all his Fraudulent acts.

When asked why he always share moments of his luxury lifestyle, Hushpuppi made it clear it is never an attempt to show off or give his mates any kind of Pressure like others does but rather a bid to motivate them not to give up in life irrespective of what they are going through today.

“I post few of these things so that someone can see my page some day and decide not to give up” He stated

It was Back in June 2020 when the Nigerian big boy was arrested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and that was the beginning of all the struggles for Hushpuppi.

An operation team of Special detectives in the anti cybercrime task force with the codename ‘Fox Hunt 2’ were successful in tracking down the young business minded man after several months of investigations into his dealings.

“After verifying available information, the team has tracked down the gang including ‘Hushpuppi’, who celebrated his wealth via social media under a businessman facade, in an attempt to lure victims from all over the world,” Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of the criminal investigation department of Dubai Police said in a statement.

Hush has since been facing several criminal charges including illegal transfer of $14.7 million from a foreign financial institution among other interesting allegations leveled against him.

It was also revealed that Hushpuppi targeted to steal over $124 million from an English football club with the said club’s name withheld.

Despite most of his victims being in the United States and it’s environs, Hushpuppi according to reports made successful deals by scamming others in Africa and Europe as well.

Is Hushpuppi Alive?

Recently there were some disturbing reports that took over the internet alleging that Hushpuppi has died.

The reports are yet to be confirmed with no official statement from the US Authorities where he is currently kept since his arrest or from his family to confirm or deny the rumors.

With No confirmation since the news of his alleged death, It could be a clear indication that Hushpupi is still alive and doing very well.

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