Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Net worth

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd is an English Actor born to Renowned Journalist John Llyod and grew up to become one of the most influential personalities in his field.

Many had their breakthroughs attributed to one particular moment and Jacob Fortune’s own is no difference, In fact Despite the fact his father was a well recognized Journalist even before his birth, His rise to fame has nothing to do with his fathers influence.

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Jacob Fortune-Lloyd became a recognized name worldwide after his role in three notable movies. First one was when he featured as Francis Weston in BBC’s Wolf Hall in 2015. His tole in 2018 movie, Medici where he played the role of Francesco Salviati and Towness for four Episodes of the Netflix Chess Period drama dubbed The Queens Gambit in 2020 were all one of the influential moments of his popularity in the public.

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd Age

With the high level of talent he display in movies, many are desperate to know how old Jacob is before being able to accumulate all this skills. He was born on the 18th day of January 1988. This means the actor is 34 years old currently.

Early Life and Education

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd studied at the St. Anne’s College!University where he went through the necessary steps to earn a Bachelor of Arts in England Literature.

After discovering he has great potential when it comes to acting, He proceeded to train at the Guidhall School of Music and Drama where he graduated in 2014. During his school days, Fortune was already displaying his acting skills when he featured in several plays including The man of Mode, Guys & Dolls, Agamemmon.


At this point, Fortune-Llyod put his all into acting as a career and grabbed many roles as a Theatre actor since his emergence into the acting scene including roles number of Royal Shakespeare Company theatre and other productions.

Some of the theater movies he featured in includes The Moderate Soprano, The Importance of Being Earnest,The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth and Othello.

In 2018 Fortune-Lloyd starred as Archbishop Francesco Salviati in the medieval drama series Medici, he also appeared as a Sith fleet officer in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX).

That’s surely not all as it became very clear that producers just can’t hand scripts to actors with Fortune-Lloyd’s name in the list. He went on to stare as Francis Weston for five episodes of the BAFTA-winning series Wolf Hall alongside Mark Rylance, Claire Foy, and Jonathan Pryce.

Fortune-Lloyd played another interesting role again in the week 15 episode of Midsomer Murders, in which he appeared as Gideon Tooms in 2021. That same year, He also hit the screens as the Beatles former manager Brian Epstein in the film Midas Man.

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