“Jesus is the first occultic grandmaster” – Prophet Ajagurajah drops Bombshell

Prophet Ajagurajah has dropped yet again another controversial statement and this time he claims Jesus Christ can be described as the first Occultic grandmaster.

The controversial man of God was hosted by Kwadwo Sheldon in a crunch Interview where he touched on several happenings in Religion, Christianity and Spirituality.

Speaking about Occultism in an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, Ajagurajah debunk claims he is into the act and forced the host to pull out his mobile phone in search of the meaning of Occultism.

The meaning as read by the host someone stated that Occultism simply has something doing with possession magical powers.

Ajagurajah then use this explanation to build his statement that Jesus Christ is the first Grandmaster of Occultism because he used magical powers to command and made things happened during some circumstances.

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