John Dumelo consider increasing price of Ginger due to Fuel prices


Farmer cum Politician John Dumelo is currently seeking business advise on the prices to distribute his ginger.

Dumelo owns a large acres of ginger farm and according to him, it’s located five hours drive away from the capital city Accra.

This long distance is making things a bit difficult for him due to the amount involved in fueling cars that will transport the goods all the way from the farm to the store where his buyers come to purchase it.

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He stated clearly the price of fuel was around 4.67 when he started the farm but has now shoot up to 6.9 but he is still selling his produces on the same price it used to be.

On a business scale that is a loss for him and that is making him consider increasing the price at which he sells his ginger.

“When I started harvesting my ginger last year dec the price of fuel was 4.67 . Almost a year Later it’s 6.9 . That’s almost 50% increase. Dear business analysts, do I still continue to maintain my prices or I increase it? Ps: my farms are 5 hours( 198km) away from Accra.” He wrote

Source: Osixafrica.net

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