Keanu Charles Reeves Bio, Age, Net Worth


Keanu Charles Reeves is a Lebanese born Actor who was was born on the 2nd day of September 1964 in Beruit Lebanon. He is popularly known as Keanu Reeves.

Is Keanu Charles Reeves a Canadian?

Though he was born in Labanon, he is a citizen of Canada, Charles Reeves was born to an English mother and an American father whose names are not disclosed. He grew up alongside his parents in Toronto, Canada.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

Keanu is one of the multi Talented Personalities you would found out there, he successfully established a name for himself as an actor, producer, director and a musician.

He featured in the theater production “Damn Yankees”at the age of nine. In the stage production of “Romeo and Juliet”, he played Mercutio. He was 15 years by then. He was a correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation TV program called Going Great.

Meany Charles Reeves
Meany Charles Reeves

He also appeared in commercials including one for coca-cola, short films such as the NFB drama, one step way and stage works that included; Brad frasers cult hit wolfboy in Toronto in early 1980’s. Keanu co founded production which help produce “Henry’s crime. He the founded Arch motorcycle company which build and sell motorcycle.

Educational Background 

Keanu attended the Etobicoke high school of Arts but unfortunately hasn’t completed the school as he wished but rather saw himself he was expelled from the school as a result of a Dyslexic problems he was suffering from.

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He has dyslexia which affected his academic performances badly, but when it comes to Sports, that aspect was one of the the categories he was good in . At De La Salle college, he was a famous ice hockey goal keeper.

Just like any other determined person, Keanu has a dream and his dream was to become a hockey player for Canada but due to an injury, he consider another career.

He again attended Avondale secondary Alternative school. He was allowed to obtain education while working at the same time as an actor but interestingly that didn’t help him at all as he failed to Acquire a diploma during his school days.


He met a lady that his heart beats for. Her name is Jennifer Syme. They both live happily. They welcome their daughter named Ava Archer Reeves but unfortunately they lost the child.

Keanu was depressed as death took away his beloved daughter. He then separated from his love Jennifer. So as at now, the actor is not having and child who is still breathing.

Keanu Charles Reeves Net Worth

Being an actor who has been in the game if acting for many years, Keanu Charles Reeves made a huge income for himself throughout his career. He has an estimated net worth of $380 million. He made this money mainly through staring in dozens of high profile movies.


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