Kristian Parades: Who Is The Astroworld Attendee Suing Travis Scott And Drake?


The City of Houston aiming to have another success story of musical Celebration when Travis Scott’s staged the Astroworld concert only for it to end in tragedy during the weekend.

The Concert was hit with a stampede that left eight people including a young boy dead with many also left on the treatment bed with injuries.

The Rapper soon after the tragedy went online to share a touching message to the public in which he revealed how devastated he is about the incident.

Scott might have been feeling Devastated as he highlighted but that isn’t going to stop thousands of people calling for his arrest.

The many calling fir his arrest explained the Rapper was on countless times alerted about the sad happenings but wasn’t interested in any and continued with his performance until things got worse.

One gentleman identified as Kristian Parades present at the concert has already taken his plea to the law with a lawsuit against Travis Scott.

Who is Kristian Parades and why he sued Travis Travis Scott and Drake.

Kristian Parades is a 23-year-old fan from Austin, Texas who was in attendance of the concert and watching the from the front general admission section.

He is suing Drake and Travis Scott for “inciting the crowd”. This, therefore, caused mayhem that left him “severely injured”. Padres has therefore filed a lawsuit against the two musicians who performed at Astroworld Fest.

He also included Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation in the lawsuit, accusing them of negligence.

Wondering why Drake is in the conversation? Padres involved Drake in his lawsuit because his presence as a special guest helped incite the crowd when he came on stage with Travis Scott.

Kristian Parades is therefore asking for over $1 million in compensation for bodily injuries and medical expenses simply because some of his injuries may be permanent. He is also seeking a trial by jury.

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