Lionel Messi breaks silence on what happened behind the scene leading to his Barcelona departure ​


Former Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has spoken for the first time after his shocking departure from his Barcelona.

Barcelona sent shockwaves all over the world when they confirmed that their star man Lionel Messi will not be able to extend his contract at the club again. You are still in Showbiz ain’t you?​

Messi spent almost all his playing career as a Barcelona player but just like other footballers, you have to move on if the current situation didn’t favor both parties. ​

With speculations and rumors about the reason the six time Ballon D’or winner is ending one of the most admired club stories, the player himself has narrated what actually happened behind the scene before Barcelona’s announcement.

During a press conference meant to say goodbye to a long standing Barce career, ​Messi revealed he has no problem with the club as it has always been his desire to continue playing for them.

He stated emphatically that he had an agreement with the Spanish giants over a new contract and was convinced he will stay only to be told La Liga rules won’t make it possible.​

“There was no problem with Barcelona, really. I was ok with the club on every detail. We had an agreement on everything, I was convinced to stay at Barçe but it was not possible because of Liga rules”.

“My new contract was Done. All done. I wanted to stay and when I come back from holidays, it was done then it’s how Laporta explained it. At the last minute, with everything with La Liga, it couldn’t happen”. The player said 



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