Martha Fitzgerald Bio, Age, Death and more


Martha Thomas Fitzgerald is a talented American politician and educator born on August 5, 1894 in Cherokee County, South Carolina in the United States of America.

Martha Fitzgerald Early Life

Per the year in-which she was born, there is no record of her family and siblings including her early life . Since those days are not technologically enhanced, much information about her is not recorded nor documented. But according to research, Martha was born to Ina Medora Thackson and James Henry Thomas.

Martha Fitzgerald Educational Background 

Although things were like that, there is no doubt that Martha is highly educated. This is because every educator must first be an educated person and same applies to politicians too.

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The politician and Educator attended Winthrop College and graduated with a Master’s degree from the university of South Carolina and Columbia University. She’s also a graduate of the University of Chicago.

Martha Fitzgerald became famous for being the first woman ever elected to the South Carolina House Representatives. She served there for a while and all her records shows how competent women can be. This her attitude made her to become the favorite of many especially women.

Career Beginnings

She began her career as a school teacher. Because of her way of interacting with students, parents and co-teachers, she got some vital positions. Some the positions she held include; School Community Organizer, Rural School Supervisor and director of elementary education in the Department of Education of the South Carolina.

Martha is also an entrepreneur who owns severely Businesses. And also the founder of Professional Women’s Club, The League of Women Voters and Delta Kappa Gamma.

She’s also one of the prominent members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, The Daughters of American Colonists, South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation, The Altria’s Club, The Salvation Army and many more which she worked as an editor for some of the associations.

She then served as the Executive Secretary of the South Carolina Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women. Martha was a Recording Secretary of the National Board of the National Order of Women Legislature.

Later in 1950, She was elected to the House to serve as a Democrat representing Richland County. As the only woman in the House, she advocates throughout her time as a jury member and fights for women.

She was named Woman of the Year in 1960 by The Progressive Farmer and she also supported higher pay for public school teachers which helped teachers in her jurisdiction to have some reliefs.

Martha Thomas Fitzgerald and Corinne Biyd Riley made a history in the life of America as the first women to compete against each other in a congressional election conducted by the electoral board of America.

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Martha got married to a Columbian businessman called James Madison Harris Fitzgerald in 1941. It is believed that the couples do not have any children since there is no record of the marriage bearing children.

Since she’s not born into this modern era, Martha is not active on any social media channels as at now. She even passed on before the introduction of social media into our daily lives.

Martha Fitzgerald Jackson Death 

The fact that there is no technical enhancement at her time, there is no record of her net worth but there is no doubt that she lived a luxurious life before death laid its icy hands on her on January 23, 1981.


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