Meet Rosemary Ndlovu, The wowan who murdered most of her family members to secure insurance payouts.


Wonders they say shall never and one South African woman by name Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu has proven that one can do even the impossible just to cash out some good amount of Money.

Rosemary Ndlovu is a former Tembisa South Police Station cop but now identified as a murderer after she was slapped with many allegations of murdered cases that she is still battling in a Johannesburg court.

According to multiple reports we gathered from South Africa, Rosemary wowan has murdered most of her family members so she can secure insurance payouts.

In 2012 her cousin was killed and she got an amount of R131.000.

5 armed robbers killed in a gun battle with residents at Denkyera Akwaboso

In 2013 she got a whooping amount of R717.000 when her sister was also killed.

Rosemary couldn’t get any insurance payout in 2014 because none of her family member passed away however her boyfriend was killed in 2015 and she got R416.000.

In 2016 her niece was killed and she got R120.000

In 2017 her nephew and her little sister also died and she cash out huge amount of money from the insurance company again.

In 2018 which was the year her nephew died, she reportedly hired hitmen for her 80 year old Mom but the hitmen couldn’t succeed in carrying out the operation.

The latest that has landed her in real hot soup is that she wanted her sister and 5 kids to be burned alive in a house so she can get some amount of Money, the youngest of the 5 kids is just 5 months old.

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