Nasty C speaks on Why he turned down Sarkodie’s Feature Request Twice


South African Rapper, Nasty C has come out clear once again to speak publicly on why a feature with Sarkordie never happened.

According to him, He turned Down a request from Ghanaian Rapper Twice who was actually willing to put him on two different songs.

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Going deep into it, it all comes down to a Handshake snub from Sarkodie.

Nasty C has been a big fan of the Rapper and thought the opportunity has come for him to have at least a handshake with him during a show.

Unfortunately, Sarkodie rejected the young man’s request to have a handshake with him which has been a heavy one Nasty holds in his heart for years now.

It is this reason why the South African who felt disrespected refused to accept a collaboration request from His Ghanaian Counterpart.
In an emotional Freestyle, Nasty said.

“When I first met Sarkodie he wouldn’t shake my hands. Cool. I’m not too proud to admit that I’m still a fan. But I held a grudge & told myself to wait till I’m the man. I’d never give that man a verse. And I stick to my plan.
Two requests over the years & I declined them both.”

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