No Dispute over Cash, Aaron Carter’s Family to hand all his money to his Son


The family members of Late singer, Aaron Carter’s are making it clear there would be no dispute over his Fortune.

According to Jane Carter who spoke to TMZ, the family’s wish is to have everything from his estate — which probate docs value at $550K in real estate and personal property — go to 1-year-old Prince, because they want to make sure the child’s taken care of as he grows up.

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They believe this is how things would legally work anyway, given that Aaron was unmarried and died without a will.

Jane says this isn’t going to turn into a nasty legal situation … noting she thinks Aaron would’ve wanted everything to go to his son, and the family doesn’t need the money, anyway

Jane says she and Aaron’s siblings still haven’t met Prince — the mother of Aaron’s ex-fiancée, Melanie, currently has custody. She adds, however, the fam would really like to have a relationship with Prince and Melanie.

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