“P-Square Separating Again?” – Fans worried as Mr. P hints of Quitting


Peter Of P-Square who is known solely in the music space as Mr. P has sent a mess out to fans that they are trying hard to decode.

In a Facebook post, Mr. P said he has tried his possible to cover up for what he said started happening since last year.

According to him, he can’t stand that anymore and he is ready to Quit. He added that he will be coming out with an official announcement by next week to confirm his decision.

He however failed to mention what exactly has been itching him that he is ready to let go of.

Mr. P’s post

Fans while reacting to his revelation, expressed major concerns with many asking what exactly the Musician is ready to quit.

Many are also in fears his message to could be that he is separating once again from his brother to go Solo.

“The story never clear
What are you quitting from this time around”
a fan wrote

I seriously hope it’s not about your marriage or separation with your brother. I pray it is not”. Another also wrote

Hope you guys are not splitting again.
Well, everyone with his or her own problem.

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