Singer, Sidhu Moose Wala shot de@d after suffering 2 Dozens of Bullet w0unds


S@d news we are receiving from India indicates Popular Singer cum Rapper Sidhu Moose Wala has passed Away.

The Musician was confirmed throughout a gunshot after some yet to be identified gangsters staged an attack near his residence.

The Reports further indicates he suffered 2 Dozens of gunshot wounds before his ultimate death.

Sidhu joined the Congress before the Punjab elections but has now faced his premature death at the age of 27.

The Renowned Musician is said to have been on the rather of Gangsters for some time now who has been monitoring every step of him in attempt to K!ll him.

Finally they succeeded and Police said Sidhu appeared to have sustained multiple injuries and was taken to the Mansa civil hospital where he passed away.

Six people are however detained in connection with the murder.

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