Squid Game Actor, O Yeong-Su lands into deep trouble, Indicted for S3xual Misconduct.

One of the popular stars from Squid Game O Yeong-su has gotten himself into some troubles and has currently been indicted for sexual misconduct in South Korea.

According to reports we received, O Yeong’s Indiction came after he allegedly touched woman inappropriately multiple times.

The unnamed woman filed the complaint against the 78-year-old actor last December … according to local news outlet JTBC — saying he touched her several times without her consent.

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The specifics behind the incidents are unclear, but Yeong-su claims he only held the woman’s hand once while guiding her around a lake … telling local outlets he apologized for doing so, but says that doesn’t mean he’s admitted to the charges.

While the alleged victim filed the complaint last year, police made the decision to not move forward with the case a few months later … but the alleged victim objected, and the case was reopened

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