Stubborn Mona Gucci reacts to court ordering her to pay Yvonne Nelson Ghc500,000


Mona Gucci has made a reaction for the first time after losing a defamation case against Yvonne Nelson.

The popular actress dragged Mona to court for defaming her and the court agreed with her thereby asking her to pay Ghs 500,000 to Yvonne Nelson.

While many are wondering how she will feel coughing out such huge amount of money without gaining anything in return, it seems Mona Gucci herself isn’t much concerned about it at all.

In two separate Instagram posts, Money Gucci appears to throw some shades at Yvonne Nelson saying “When they pretend to die, we will pretend to bury them.”

She continued with another post in which she claim theres the need to normalize mental health education

Let us normalise mental health education in all our institutions..a lotta mad, depressed; bipolar people are walking in makeup and waist trainers.”

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