Sugar Mummy, Sugar Daddy, Friends with benefit cause of high HIV infections – AIDS C’ssion laments

The Ghana Aids commission has made it known that the recent immoral attitudes among young ones are the reasons HIV infection is getting high in the country.

Figures from the Commission show that at least 12,000 people died from HIV-related causes in 2020 while 5,000 young people contracted the virus.

The data also revealed that more women were infected than men and this all came as a result of the emerging lifestyles of young people according to Director-General of the Commission Steve Kyeremeh Atuahene.

“Young people have adopted new behaviours apart from the Sugar Daddy- Sugar Mummy syndrome, we also have what we call friends with benefit where they will have girlfriends, boyfriends and the idea is that if you sleep with me you’ll have to give me money,” he explained

In an interview with TV3, Mr Atuahene Explained why women are the most infected ones, he stated it’s because most of them are into transactional sex.

“Majority of young women are into transactional sex; that is where they think that whenever they have sex with someone they should get something back, it can be money, it can be a gift, it can be any other thing in exchange for sex,”

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