The Game Claims he was paid $1 Million by 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine to Stop Saying ‘G-Unot’


The Game has made some interesting revelations that will get fans thinking if it is indeed the truth or he is just running his mouth.

The Rapper has been in a long-standing beef with 50 Cent since he was kicked out of the Group in 2005.

He has since taken every single opportunity to take a swipe at the Hip Hop mogul and has now come out with claims he was paid $1 million to stop saying G-Unot.

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“Lotta people don’t know this, [but] 50 and Jimmy Iovine gave me $1 million to stop saying G-Unot,”They wrote me a check, they bought it. I had to trademark the G-Unot. And you remember when I was going around with the rat and doing all that shit, that shit hurt–killed G-Unit.” He stated during an interview.

He also continued that he is the reason the GUnit Clothing absolutely went out of style until they had to write a cheque for him ti stop using the term.

“You stopped seeing the candy- tank tops and all that shit. All that, the whole G-Unit/Mark Ecko, the shoes, that shit died,” he continued. “That shit was a hot commodity at once, G-Unit clothing. Niggas was wearing the sweats, headbands, the masks, everything. That shit died, bro. So they had to pay me. I should have asked for more but them niggas gave me a million. But I’m a hood nigga, a million dollars to stop saying this word? Where’s the check? They wrote the check and I stopped saying it.” He added

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