“They offer only Afrobeat” – Colombian star MC Dementor details why Ghana offers 200% more to the Music world than Nigeria.


Colombia born Musician, MC Dementor has highlighted some interesting reasons he feels Nigeria is way behind Ghana in terms of Music.

In a long Facebook post, he argued that Nigeria is limited to only the Afrobeat genre of music while Ghanaians have many to offer.

He touched on genres like Dancehall, Hiphop and the same Afrobeat that Nigerians are widely known for as well.

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He raised another topic indicating that The Kumerican movement took only months to trend in the US but it took over ten years for Nigerian star Wizkid to establish his brand over there.

MC Dementor therefore concluded that Ghana music industry offers over 200% more to the world than that of their Neighbors Nigeria.

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