‘UDS’ – Sharp Shooters Finally announce date for first ever Anniversary

Popular brotherhood ‘Sharp Shooters’ have announced a date to hold their Maiden Anniversary celebration.

The Anniversary which is aimed at Strengthening the relationship between individual students in the Brotherhood will take place on Saturday 28th August 2021.

The Announcement was made through their Information Minister Nicholas McCarty.

Some Members of Sharp Shooters

Mr. McCarty also made it known that the Anniversary will take place at the University’s Study center.

Speaking to the public concerning the upcoming celebration, their President Godsway Charles Tudi touched on the need to hold this celebration citing the long existence and understanding between members of the brotherhood.

“This is the first time we are going to hold this kind of celebration and l think it is a step in the right direction. We have been together for years now since this brotherhood came into existence somewhere 2019.

We shared lot’s of moments together but not something as huge as we are planning towards Saturday, we find it necessary to feast in the same bowl as Shooters and make the brotherhood proud” he said

The President and his Vice

Sharp Shooters emerged as a group back in 2019 and gradually established themselves as the most powerful group you can find on almost all the UDS campuses.

Their management system runs just like a whole government with election of leaders from President down to a Registrar.

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