What Does a Kiss on the Forehead means after S3x ?


What Does a kiss on the Forehead means after s3x is definitely one of the questions you might be asking yourself by now as it’s fast becoming a common trend in the lives of many lovers.

Have you been kissed on the Forehead Before? Did it happen right after you both hit each other hard down there? Have you taken your time to understand the meaning of it? This piece of write up will help you understand it very well.

What Does a Kiss on the Forehead means after S3x ?

There are two clear meanings of being Kissed on the Forehead after S3x , Yes many times it is Men who does the Forehead Kissing and sometimes too the Women do so.

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1. He / She Enjoyed it.

The First Meaning of being Kissed on the Forehead after a good time together is when the Partner enjoyed every bit of the affair. It is a known fact that not all Sexual Affairs are enjoyed, most especially when it comes to ladies, not every man they opened their legs for has been able to hit the G Spots.

So in a circumstance where a man was able to make them reach the topmost level of Enjoyment, they appreciate that a lot starting with giving him a Kiss on the Forehead.

With Many guys The Kiss on a lady’s forehead is according with the term “you are so see”.

2. A Thank You Message

Yes because It is also kmown that S3xual affairs with some people are as boring as whatever u can compare the word ‘boring’ to. As a result Everyone who had a very good time in bed will surely be grateful to their partner for giving them.

So at this point, a kiss on the forehead is an appreciation message to a partner for such a lovely moment.

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