What Happened To Kali Muscle?


Chuck Kirkendall popularly known as Kali Muscle is an American actor born on February 18, 1975 making him 46 years of age currently.

Aside being known as an actor, he is also an author, entertainer, social media influencer, and Youtuber who featured in commercials for Taco Bell, Honda, Comcast, Snickers, and other high profile companies.

The Bodybuilder went viral when he demonstrated his prison cell workout in a video sometime ago JOE.co.uk

Kali Muscle went for his educational studies at the Castlemont High School and further up to thr Fresno State University on a sports scholarship.

He earned this Scholarship as a result of his talent of playing football from which he gained a number of accolades.

Despite being on Scholarship, Kali unfortunately was not able to graduate from college due to certain circumstances.

All good actors get massive roles in top movies and Kali Muscle has featured in a number of those. among them includes Anabolic Life, Bullet Ride, The Taker, Applebaum, Savior, The Liaison.

What Happened To Kali Muscle?

According our findings, Kali Muscle only felt some pains in his chest and thought it was a mere heartburn, he was later sent to the hospital by his girlfriend and it turned out that he was struck with heart attack.

Kali Muscle has suffered from migraines and selling in his feet in previous times and currently it was revealed his left artery was clogged.

Days ago, he took to his social media handle to announce that he is doing well and also sent a special thank you message to everyone wishing him well.

According to him, good will messages kept him with positive minds since he arrived in the hospital.

“I must Thank all of you that’s been messaging me for all the Love. It’s been really keeping me with a positive mind.” He wrote

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