What is the Difference Between Depression and Laziness?


Depression is not laziness. Sure, some of the behaviours are the same, and I can understand your confusion, but they actually look very different.

Saying that depression is the same as laziness is a bit like saying cats are the same as dogs, because they’re both furry and have four legs. Well, yes, but when you look a little closer you’ll recognise all the little shapes, joints and quirks that differentiate them.

What is the Difference Between Dispersion and Laziness?

Lazy people get out of bed only because to them staying in bed all day is boring.

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Lazy people enjoy things. They enjoy food, or video games, or watching TV, or talking to friends on the phone all night. They have the capacity for excitement and happiness, even if the things that make them happy are 100% hedonistic.

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Lazy people are relaxed. They are not afraid to go outside, or get out of bed or see people. They do not have panic attacks. They don’t fear being awake, so they don’t sleep all day. The thought of working — or failing — does not terrify them. They don’t hide their face. They see the value in being alive, and appreciate the world they are living in.

Lazy people generally don’t complain about hating themselves, or hating their life, or wanting to be better but being unable to do so — that’s too much effort for someone who is lazy. Someone who is lazy doesn’t care enough to think that way. I could see why a lazy person would lie about having depression to get out of doing something, but I doubt they would have the commitment to make it really convincing.

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