Who is Maduka Okoye, the handsome Nigerian Goalkeeper all the ladies are crushing on


Women are not much into football like guys but when ladies support a particular team, it is mostly due to the handsomeness of the players.

Nigeria as a west African country is currently playing in the Africa cup of Nations. Their first match was against Egypt who are seven times African champions but the still managed to win by a goal to nil.

Today they played their second game against Sudan and the secured a 3 goals win with the opponent scoring one. From all indications, it seems Nigeria will surely qualify.

However, one thing which is worth noticing is the appearance of a certain fair player among the Nigerians. The Nigerian goalkeeper is really handsome and he has gotten all the ladies talking.

Maduka Okoye is 22 years of age and a German born Nigerian. He keeps the goal post for Watford in the English Premier League. He remembers the talk of town, not only for his achievements but his looks also.

The guy is trending and he has received a lot of admiration from ladies both home and abroad.


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