Witness in YNW Melly Case accuse Rapper of Authorizing hit on his own mom in leaked Court document


It’s not looking so good for YNW Melly as Documents from his case hits online showing that a witness for the prosecution believes the South Florida rapper tried to put a hit on his own mother.

The said court documents surfaced was from an April 11, 2022 deposition conducted with Detective Danny Polo, referred to as the witness, in order to establish whether he believes YNW Melly is a member of a gang.

Polo, who has done searches of Melly’s phone, says the information he obtained shows the rapper is guilty of multiple crimes including authorizing a hit on his mom, Jamie King.

Polo was asked by Melly’s attorney, Stuart Adelstein, “Has, in your opinion, Melly authorized any communication for the commission of a crime?”

Polo responded, “Yes. If you read his phone, there’s narcotics trafficking, and firearms violations authorizing the killing of his mother. Those are the things that you would consider ‘authorizing.’


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