“Women and Money” – Ugliest man on earth who went viral for marrying a second wife has married a third wife


The name Godfrey Baguma, “Sebabi”, is well known in Africa. The man is a successful singer and comedian, but his appearance is unusual. He was born with a rare disease that caused several malformations in his head and face.

He thought he was destined to have a sad life full of loneliness, but then he decided to accept his reality and entered a contest that was looking to find the ugliest man in the world. He won it, and after that, his life changed completely.

Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebaby, 53, won the title of ugliest man on Earth. However, this hasn’t stopped him living a full and happy life. He married twice and has 8 children. He also sings and stars in music videos.

In 2002, then 47-year-old Godfrey won the ugliest man title after he entered the competition to make money for his family. He has managed to maintain his crown for the past 18 years due to his extremely unique facial features.

The 52-year-old man used to be a cobbler and he suffers from a very rare medical condition that has been featured before in TV series. He earned his nick name ‘Ssebabi’ after winning in the ugliest man contest.

Before his marriage to Kate, Godfrey had two children with his first wife, but their marriage came to an end when he caught her cheating.

His second wife said she’s ready to bear him more children. Godfrey Baguma, the current holder of the most ugliest man in Uganda. Godfrey is married to 3 wives and has 8 children.

He says most of the women he had affairs with in the past have ran away from him because of his ugly looks.

After winning the competition of the most ugliest man in Uganda, Godfrey says all the women who ran away from him in the past are claiming to be in love with him again.


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