“You can create a monster but you can’t fix your hairline” – Kalyjay hit Kwadwo Sheldon hard

Fix the Country lead activist, Kalyjay has taken YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon to the cleaners after Sheldon subtly described himself as a social media monster.

We all feel good when we wake up to find out breakfast is served already with beef only right, don’t we? Yes we certainly do.

Two powerful media influencers Kalyjay and Kwadwo Sheldon are at it again in a Twitter banter that could serve us some good beef.

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It all started when Kalyjay was adjudged Twitter Influencer of the year at this year’s edition of the Pulse Influencers Awards that took place days ago.

Despite Kalyjay winning the award, Kwadwo Sheldon was rather the main subject of discussion with many trolling him for loosing out on the award.

The trolls became more intensify when Kalyjay’s Twitter account was verified and this forced Sheldon to brand himself as a social media monster and promised to create one before he is off the game.

“This is why I’m looking for the next “Kwadwo sheldon” I Gotta create another media monster before I retire” the YouTubed wrote

In response to his monster claims, Kalyjay according to a screenshot making rounds online told Sheldon fixing his hairline should be his priority and not creating a social media monster.

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