Arnold Baidoo tells Stonebwoy there’s nothing special about flying his team abroad with his own money


Arnold Baidoo has made it known to Stonebwoy that there’s nothing extraordinary about funding a move abroad for his team from his pocket money.

The United Showbiz Pundit is gradually proving that he does not take sides and hit hard at everyone at all when the chance arrived.

Stonebwoy is in Paris with his crew that he used his own money to fly them out there to work towards a project reported to be an upcoming album.

Stonebwoy in Paris with his team

The Dancehall musician after their arrival made a sad revelation that he and his entire BHIM brand does not feel loved despite the consistent works he has been putting on to hold high the flag of mother Ghana.

According to him it’s not about the hype they give to others to stay relevant but the hard works that truly defines an artist and that’s exactly what he is doing.

A report filed by Pan Buss indicates Arnold in reaction to Stonebwoy’s claim stated that the musician should understand Traveling with his team with his own budget is nothing special.

Arnold recently made himself a subject in the entertainment industry when he clashed with Shatta Wale following some controversial comments and just when the dust has successfully it seems BHIM natives are going to be the ones serving him hot soon.




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