Boity Thulo cars

Normally when people attain a certain status they acquire properties that are good enough to fit in that level of Status.

Some of this properties include luxurious cars and expensive mansions that are worth high prices that only the rich can boast of.

This time our focus is on South Africa’s very own media guru Boity Thulo who is known as a renowned model, Rapper and Television Personality.

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Boity Thulo cars

Boity’s garage is quite interesting, she cruises in modern design branded cars. In her fleet, there is a Mercedes-Benz car worth R1 million.

Recently, she took to her social media handle to flaunt her newly purchased Luma Clar of the Range Rover Family.

is a charitable person who has involved herself in several social and welfare activities. One of the programs that received her support is “Thusa A Girl Child” in which she is also a goodwill ambassador. The charity program extends support for underprivileged girls in the community.

Boity Thulo Net Worth

If you are wondering how she acquire all this cars, Boity is quite reach with an estimated at $1.3 million.


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