Casper Nyovest rewards a loyal fan

South African Rapper Casper Nyovest has vowed to reward one of his fan who still has in his room the old type of Television.

The world has changed, Technology has brought many developments but has it’s own expenses to carry and the question comes ‘Can everyone afford it?’.

The answer definitely is Big No and that is one of the reasons when people have in their rooms a well decorated flatscreen television hanging on their walls, others are left with no option than to get some table for their old types and enjoy themselves.

A program telecast titled ‘The Braai Show with Casper’ is a must watched one for loyal fans and to prove to the rapper they are solely behind him, one fan shared a photo of his old television set tune at the particular channel Casper’s show will be telecast.

This touched the heart of the Musician and vow to purchase a Samsung modern TV for him to enjoy the show.

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