Fetty Wap says he turned to crime to support his family after admitting federal drug charges


Willie Junior Maxwell II, known very well as Fetty Wap has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances last August.

The American Rapper, led by his legal team are asking a judge for a minimum sentence after he pleaded guilty last year to federal drug charges.

Fetty however explained the reasons he got into those bad boy acts and stated clearly that he took those actions out of frustration and also in a bid to support his family members.

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The musician’s attorney Elizabeth Macedonio, said his involvement in the instant offense stemmed from depression and compounding financial obligations exacerbated by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In or about 2020, with the coming of the worldwide pandemic, things began to change for Mr. Maxwell. There were no opportunities to perform, thus his income was severely limited,”

“he was sued personally, was going through a divorce, and was involved with a tour manager who was stealing from him.” His attorney stated


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