Gareth Richards age : How old was he before his death?


Gareth Richards was confirmed dead on April 7 2023 and in this article, we will take a look at Gareth Richards age for you to know how old he was before his death.

Who was Gareth Richards

Gareth Richards was a British comedian and radio presenter. He was residing in Bournemouth, United Kingdom with his wife and children before his ultimate death.
He was a co-host of the Frank Skinner Show on Absolute Radio.

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Richard also Made an appearance on several other radio stations including BBC shows such as Russell Howard’s Good News, as well as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio.
On March 27th, Gareth Richards was involved in a ghastly accident that almost took his life on the spot.

Luckily at that time, Gareth Richards survived and was rushed to hospital where he was receiving medical treatment until early April.

Gareth Richard died at the hospital on 7 April 2023 as a result of the injuries he sustained in the car crash back in march.

Gareth Richards Age

Gareth Richards was 41 years old before passing away.



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