Ghana: Man shot in the leg and robbed of 90k in another daylight robbery

Ghana is just not proving to be a safe place now when it comes to robbery with cases being reported each and every day.

After numerous incidents of robbery, another man has also been attacked by armed robbers who successfully took away an amount of GHS 90,000 he received from the bank.

According to a report by an Angel TV news reporter who was at the scene of the crime, the young man had gone to withdraw a total amount of 90,000 cedis from the Bank of Africa Kwashieman branch.

CCTV captures how armed robbers took a woman’s ₵29,000 in broad daylight at Achimota

He decided to walk to a nearby bus station to pick a car to his next destination but unfortunately for him, armed men from no where pound on him and shot him in the leg and made away with all he money.

Passerbys were able to come to his aid and rushed him to the hospital for treatment.

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