Ghanaians disappointed in Thomas Partey for joining Arsenal when he was advised by many not to


The season has just begun but Arsenal has already angered lot’s of football fans after yet another disappointing start to the season.

The Gunners lost 2-0 to newly promoted side Brentford in some laughable display that got everyone asking if they are really ready a demanding season ahead.

One person that Ghanaians particularly are concerned is Thomas Partey who moved to the Emirates at the later stage of Last season.


Prior to his mega money move, there were advises from all over the wold including one from his National Team Coach CK. Akunor not to join the London based club.

The reason is simple, they believe it is a step down in his fast rising career at Atletico Madrid where he has a special role in Diego Simeoni’s plan and quickly become a coach favorite.

The player chose to turn death ears on this advices and went ahead to sign for Arsenal. Interestingly, The Spanish side won the League and Arsenal failed to make any European Qualification.

Check screenshots of the wild reactions from Ghanaians after Arsenal’s defeat to Brentford



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