Ghanaians hail Ghana Police Service, describe them as the vibrant most institution for their constant Social media updates

The Ghana Police Service is gradually winning back the Hearts of Ghanaians without even launching any “Bring Back The Love” promo like it is done for the Black Stars

There’s no need hiding the fact that the police Service has on several occasions come under severe backlashes and constantly headline newspapers for the wrong reasons.

Being it from Corruption to various accusations of unprofessional conducts, The Ghana Police Service has seen and heard it all from Ghanaians.

However there seems to be a quick U-turn with the level at which the Service deals with their things and are now beginning to receive massive praises from the same people who once criticized them. Thanks to their social media activities.

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The Police Service has begun sharing major happenings and next steps to Ghanaians in a media update, the quick and consistent manner in which they are doing it is what makes everyone concluded Yes the Service is truly back to expectations.

After another important update of happenings on the Nsawam highway involving a fuel tanker crush, Ghanaians in the comments section of the Service were in full administration for their provisional level currently.

One even described the Police as the most vibrant and trustworthy institution in Ghana at the moment.

Check screenshots of the admiring comments below.

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