How Much is Naira Marley worth?

Naira Marley is a popular name in the Nigerian music scene and ohh he is well known for his controversial lyrics but How much is he worth? That’s the question running through most people’s mind.

Born in Agege, Lagos State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, The real name given to him at birth is Azeez Fashola but grew up to adopt Naira Marley for his Showbiz ambitions.

The young musician is the brain behind some of the hit songs we enjoy in the pubs and occasions and it’s understandable why everyone will be eager to know how much he is worth.

The man who brand his fanbase as Marlians and name himself the Marlian President boast of different kind of properties being it cars or houses.

Naira Marley Flaunts his expensive mansion

His garage is a full one with expensive cars ranging from G-Wagon, Range Rover, Benz, Porsche, we can’t even mention all.

Naira Marley flaunts his expensive mansion
Naira Marley with few of his cars

Among this, he own businesses that he decided not to made known to the public so just to concentrate on doing music which the public knows best for him.

Currently Naira Marley has an estimated net worth of one billion Naira. (N1billon)

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