Is Gianni Jansen Married?


Is Gianni Jansen Married? has been one of the questions people have been asking themselves a lot but let’s know who Gianni Jayson is in the first place.

Born Gianni Francisca, Gianni established himself as an Estate Agent, a sales manager and a marketing consultant born in Island of Curacao.

Gianni became popular after engagement in a relationship with Kenley. She can be found on the following social media pages; Facebook, twitter and Instagram. She has an undisclosed number followers.

Is Gianni Jansen Married?

She got married to her boyfriend Kenley. Kenley is a talented football player for Los Angeles Dodgers. The lovers usually travel to places of their choice where they always have good time with each other.

Gianni Jansen and her husband during their child’s naming ceremony
Gianni Jansen and her husband during their child’s naming ceremony
Gianni Jansen got married to her boyfriend Kenley

Gianni and Kenley made their relationship officially by marriage in March 2016. They welcomed their first daughter Laden Isaiah Jansen in August 2016. Kenley had a daughter from his previous relationship.

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The daughter of Kenley became the stepdaughter for Gianni. Her name is Natalia Hannah Jansen. She was born on the 13th day of March,2013. After marriage, Francisca Gianni changed her name to Gianni Jansen.


Gianni attended Highschool for Economics Studies. She then further up her school in Radulsphus college. She then graduated from the inter- continental university in Caribbean.



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