Jackie Appiah humiliated in Ivory coast, accused of $10,000 Scam


Renowned Ghanaian Actress, Jackie Appiah has been accused of Scamming a woman during her visit to Ivory Coast.

A woman alleged that she gave the Ghanaian actress an amount worth $10,000 as part of a deal they discussed earlier.

The said deal was to bring her to the neighboring West African country for a show and it went on to be an agreement she failed to honor.

She further alleged that she paid the said money into the account of John Dumelo, a colleague actor of Jackie Appiah.

All these allegations were thrown against The beautiful Ghanaian Actress who was sitting very confused looking like someone who isn’t understanding what exactly the lady was talking about.

It later turned out that, it was all Prank and everyone could see the huge relief when the woman became a fan of how Jackie handled the situation.

Watch the video below


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